Permission Granted!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Attention All L&D Professionals: TACIT PERMISSION to do the right thing EVERY TIME is hereby GRANTED!

What is all this need for permission to do the right thing? Every time. Something about you and your resume made you the perfect candidate. You were hired. So, get in there and do the job properly. Here’s how:

Stop taking orders with ridiculous deadlines imposed that don’t allow for doing any sort of needs assessment and analysis. Read more about how here. Just stop.

Stop saying, “Yes, I/we can do that” when you can’t. Whether for lack of time, skill, tools, resources—whatever, just don’t do it.

Stop building training solutions, especially e-learning modules, when that isn’t what is needed. Just stop.

Stop choosing not to build an evaluation plan into the development plan. If you don't evaluate the program, however will you know whether any of it works? And, whether  it helped to solve the performance issue(s)? If not, there is more work to be done. Read more about how here. Just stop.

Stop treating each project as a one-off. Build with re-purposing and continuous process improvement in mind. And make it easy to do if someone else needs to pick it up. Just stop.

Stop choosing to build less than your best, or the wrong option entirely, because “they” want it now. “They can have it great or they can have it fast” isn’t the way to build your credibility and strengthen your position for the "big stuff" when it comes. Just stop.

Stop thinking you’re the only one who can craft this solution, who has ever had to deal with a situation like this one, and will ever pass this way again. You’re not. Really. Someone else likely has already built something that would work at least as well—maybe better.  Seek solutions already in place that might be re-purposed. I know this is difficult to read, but it is written with you in mind. And doing this will help in those situations where quick and fast is the only option you’re presented with. Think of it this way, if the final product isn’t 100% your best, then you’ll not be 100% at fault.

You have an obligation to yourself, your career, and especially your learners to do things in the proper way, in the proper order, and deliver your very best.

Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
--Mark Twain