Realize a Strong Team Is Not LUCK

It isn't luck people. It is a lot of INTENTION, CONSISTENCY, and PATIENCE.  

INTENTION. Yes. You're leading a team, but you are also leading a set of individuals. Each with her/his own way of thinking, place on the team, set of skills, knowledge, unique talents. To be most effective, YOU will need to adjust your approach(es) to what each individual needs and an atmosphere where each will flourish. 

CONSISTENCY. Not a term commonly used when discussing leader traits and skills. Not used often enough, in my opinion. Consistency is key to building and maintaining rapport with your team of individuals. And just as importantly, consistency is how the trust alliance is forged and maintained.

PATIENCE. Yep. Sometimes, you aren't feeling it. When this occurs, read the two items directly above and take a few deep breaths. Patience is a differentiator in your relationships--with your team of individuals, members of your family, and your leaders, too. 

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