Dawn J Mahoney, CPLP*

Team Care© and Talent Development Specialist

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Presentation rx

Your presentation to senior leaders needs to sizzle. The slide deck must represent your ideas, your point of view, and make you shine. Let's begin. Today.  


team care©

Your team isn't working well together. Communication is non-existent. There is conflict. 1:1 meetings and other approaches aren't working. It's time. Make the call. Today. 


Your organization's training design, curriculum, and methods need an upgrade.

Classroom, e-learning, and Web based--no problem. Let's begin. Today.





You need a speaker who engages the attendees, learns who is in the room, and is willing to build rapport. Experience. Skill. Knowledge. Fun. Humor, too! Make the call. Today.  


Certified Professional in Learning and Performance