#WOL Work Out Loud: Create Better Hyperlinks

Until I began reading and participating learning events designated to building more accessible and inclusive content, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Confession It just never occurred to me that when I pop a link in, as is, it makes it difficult for people who use screen reading equipment. Why? It is so easy to just copy the URL address (Ctrl+C/Cmd+C) from a browser address bar and paste (Ctrl + V/Cmd+V) it into a document, email FB post, etc. Well… just because it is easy, doesn’t mean that is the reason to do it. Lesson learned. (oh and I used to take the time. Wonder why I stopped?) Doing this better is just as easy. So, let’s do it!

How To

  1. In the browser address bar, Right Click the full URL. Click Copy.

  2. In the document, Right Click to reveal the selection menu. Right Click Link, then Insert Link.

  3. Click in the Address (lower) field, then Right Click and choose Paste.

  4. Type the Text to Display in the (upper) field. Choose something that makes sense when spoken out loud. It is okay to use more than one word, but don’t go overboard.

That’s all there is to it. Continue to WATCH THIS SPACE!